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The Big AirBag Lands on Snowplanet New Zealand

Unique in New Zealand, a hit in Europe, the Big AirBag is the coolest thing since sliced bread!
   “We are so excited about the Big AirBag!” says Heather Reid from Snowplanet. “It’s the ultimate and cool way to practice your jumps. The Big AirBAG is a giant fall cushion where you don’t have to worry about how to land. It’s placed in front of a ski-jump, it’ll catch any type of fall from the jump. This means that every snowboarder or skier can practice jumps without the bruises. Gotta love no bruises!”
   For guru freestyle snow sporters, the Big AirBag provides the optimum way of extending snowboard or skiing skills, offering an ideal training method for beginners and experienced jumpers. Snowplanet will be running training sessions to get the newbie’s kick started.
   The Big AirBAG reinforces Snowplanet’s commitment to the freestyle market. It will provide the opportunity to perfect techniques, including setting up spins and flips. It’s also ideal for teaching beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders to get the most from the terrain park. One can learn basic techniques, such as approach, launch, airtime and preparing for landing. The fun aspect and advancement is huge!” “It’s “sick” . . . I’m told that’s snowboarder lingo for very very cool”, says Heather.
   The excitement is about to begin at Snowplanet with the Big AirBag opening Friday, 6th June 2008. It will then be open Monday & Tuesday evenings from 8.30-10pm and Friday nights from 6-10pm. To get the run down on Snowplanet’s Big AirBag phone Heather Reid on 09 4270167.
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